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IZagara honey has a thick consistency and can be made from orange or lemon flowers. It is a domestic preparation and considered very special, thus not common.
Zagara honey is made with the flowers, water, cinnamon and sugar. Water is brought to a boil and in the meantime the flowers are washed. When boiling, the water is taken from the stove and the flowers left to infuse. Afterwards, the cinnamon and sugar are added and the compound is boiled until a honey-like consistency is reached. In some cases, zagara flowers can be used to decorate buñuelos (fritters), after soaking them in honey.
When the Arabs conquered Spain they introduced citrus fruits on a large scale and adapted them to the new environment. The honey usually accompanies traditional buñuelos (fritters) during Christmas and Easter time. Nowadays zagar honey is at risk of becoming extinct because few people know the recipe for preparing it.

This information was processed from the publication «Atlas del Patrimonio Alimentario de la Provincia de Pichincha», by Javier Carrera, Claudia Garcia and Catalina Unigarro, from June 2014, promoted by the Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio del Ecuador, by Valeria Merlo.

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Nominated by:Javier Carrera Claudia García,Catalina Unigarro, Valeria Merlo