Rosehip Jam

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Itburnu murebbesi

Rosehip petal jam (Rosa canina L.) is prepared with the flowers of plants that grow wild in the flood plain of the Girdimançay river and in the forests lining the rivers and streams of the Ismayilli district, in the north-eastern part of the country.

The petals are collected by the locals when these flowers are in full bloom, ie late spring and early autumn. A small amount of sugar is then added to the flowers in order to preserve them and everything is placed in containers that are left exposed to the scorching sun for about forty days. After it has fermented in the sun, the product is ready to be consumed.

The product is used as a table dessert to accompany Azerbaijani tea and as a remedy for weakness and heart problems. This jam is a key ingredient for Azerbaijani sweets that are prepared during holidays and festival celebrations.

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