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Tteok Gochujang

Gochujang is one of the basic seasonings widely used in Korean cooking. According to the region, there are various methods for making gochujang, but barley malt and other types of malts are used to ferment the ingredients to sweeten it. Tteok gochujang is made by taking glutinous rice and beating it with a rice-cake mallet. The dough is then made into a small ball and covered with ground beans. A hole is then made through which smoldering ash left over from burning dried bean stalks are placed into in order to dry out the ball of dough. It is then suspended in the air to dry before it is ground up finely. Soy sauce is mixed into the powder, which is then fermented after adding fermented soybeans and pepper flakes. The harmonious sweet taste of the fermented ingredients can be enhanced further by adding additional sweeteners.

Tteok gochujang is made using the first crops from the autumn harvest. The grain harvested is used to make glutinous tteok before being beaten with a rice cake mallet. When making the tteok, people take turns beating it with the mallet. Then, beanstalks are put into the fireplace to light a fire. The smoldering embers from the burning stalks are ideal for drying out the tteok meju. Today, tteok gochujang is not sold commercially, but produced in small batches usually for family consumption in the area of Chungcheongnam-do. The traditional production method is passed on from generation to generation within the family or through word of mouth, but today it is only known to the elderly and risks being forgotten in the coming years.

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StateSouth Korea


Production area:Hanok Village of Ansim-ri, Yeonmu-eup, Nonsan-si

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Spices, wild herbs and condiments

Nominated by:Lee Ok Hui