Salama da Sugo

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The refined Salama da Sugo, or salamina, as it is called in Ferrara, is a cured meat with an exotic flavour. It combines the flavour of pork with the potent aromas of spices and the fruitiness of red wine. The processing is complex: different first-choice pork cuts are minced with the addition of small quantities of liver and tongue and seasoned with salt, pepper and red wine. The use of cinnamon and cloves is also allowed. As for the wine, local grape varieties which fall under the denomination Bosco Eliceo can be used, as well as the local varieties from bordering provinces. The mix is made into a sausage and tied with a string, creating eight sections. The aging process – 6, 12 or 24 months – is the key to obtain a great product. When it is ready for cooking, it is boiled for at least six to eight hours, hung from a stick and wrapped in linen to prevent it from touching the bottom and the sides of the pan. A magnificent, ancient food, its strong and almost sour flavour is usually balanced by a bed of mashed potatoes or even better, pumpkin.

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