Paparotta re muste

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Paparotta re muste, or grape polenta, is a typical dessert of the grape-growing areas, and thus of Vulture in particular, but it is widespread throughout the region. In fact, it is traditionally linked to the grape harvest ritual and is, therefore, prepared and eaten exclusively in the autumn. It can be prepared with all grapes, both white and black, but to make the taste more intense, Aglianico del Vulture is used, particularly in the municipality of Filiano.

The freshly pressed and filtered grape must is boiled and then removed from the heat. When it cools, sugar, flour or durum wheat semolina and spices, usually cinnamon, are added. The resulting mixture is then returned to the heat and stirred continuously to prevent lumps from forming, until it thickens and reaches the consistency you prefer. It is in fact a dessert that can be eaten, after cooling on a pastry board, either as a spoon dessert or as a firmer pudding that can be cut into slices.

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