Kaupanger Apple

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The Kaupanger apple, meaning “city” apple in English, is also sometimes referred to as the “bowl” apple due to its shape. It is possibly Norwegian, having been historically cultivated in western Norway. The apple was reviewed by magistrate Koren in 1795, when he used its branches for grafting new trees. Very little production remains in the historic area and the apple has completely fallen out of commerce.

The peel is smooth and glossy, becoming slightly oily during storage. The main color is green-yellow, developing into a straw-yellow. The sunny side of the apple changes to dark red with stripes and dots. When the fruit is grown in strong sunlight, red also appears on the shaded side. It exhibits a strong aroma.

The pulp is golden-white, firm but not hard, and juicy, with a classic reinette apple taste—sweet and sour with full aroma. Kaupanger is an excellent table fruit and has an extraordinary nice quality for storing.

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