Kalahari Red Goat

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Kalahari red goat is a breed raised for its meat that is medium/large in size characterized by long hanging ears. This breed came to South Africa, in the Western, Northern and Eastern Capo Provinces, as well as some areas of Namibia, thanks to the migrations of the tribes that traditionally raised it. The Kalahari red goat is an incredibly rustic and very strong breed that is well adapted to the arid and semi-desert climate of South Africa.
The animal’s height and elongated form give it excellent mobility which allows it to walk long distances in search of food and water.
This animal eats a huge variety of plants and is more resistant to infections and parasites than other breeds, and as such has less need of medical attention and vaccines.
This goat has a calm temperament and good maternal instincts, along with a short, smooth coat that is completely red, with all of the advantages that this entails. Its color, which is similar to that of the ground, allows the goat to camouflage well and protect itself from predators. Indeed, white-haired kids would be seen easily by foxes, pigs and eagles.
The goats’ uniformly dark coat and long ears makes them incredibly resistant to the heat and the blazing sun, such that they are able to eat for hours even during the hottest part of the day.
The meat of the Kalahari red goat is used in many traditional recipes and is considered very important for the consumption of proteins by the local communities. The meat is quite lean, with both an excellent flavor and consistency.
This breed is at risk of extinction and it is being gradually replaced by European goat breeds.

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