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Granat eple

Named Granat in local language, this apple is totally different from other Granat clones reviewed in pomology literature. It has a smooth, glossy, even oily, golden-yellow peel. The sunny side of the apple can have lively red colors. The pulp is yellow-white, tender, sweet and resembles the taste of a reinette apple.

The grenade has been used in much the same way as other old varieties in the region. Foremost, it was sold as a table fruit from Hardanger, to different market places in the city of Bergen. But the apple must be carefully transported, as it is sensitive to bruising.

This apple was, among others, one of the main varieties grown in the region. Its decline can be traced to the development of new varieties on scientific grounds at the university of agricultural studies. Subsequently, these apples disappeared from the market and are no longer in commerce. It is still possible to find the apple being grown at a few farms in Hardanger and it has been recorded in the gen-bank at Hjeltnes School in Ulvik.

The exact origin is unknown, but certainly documentation shows that Hardanger and western Norway are the oldest locations it has been found.

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