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The Terragnolo valley is found northeast of Rovereto, near Trento, wedged in between the massive mountain Col Santo-Pasubio (2,112 meters above sea level) and mounts Finonchio and Maggio, through to the Borcola pass. In this rugged valley the local farmers originally created fanzelto, a traditional, thin bread made with buckwheat (known locally as formentòm). This product is largely unknown; in fact nobody from outside the Terrangolo valley – not even the inhabitants of the Vallarsa Valley, which is this valley’s nearby twin – knows of the bread’s existence.   This traditional bread is offered to tourists solely during local town festivals. Fanzelto is basically a kind of omelet made with buckwheat, water, and salt. It is cooked with a bit of lard in an iron skillet, especially when prepared at home. Fanzelto has been known in the Terragnolo valley for several generations. It was probably invented due to the local scarcity of grain, and thus also of white flour. Current production is extremely limited and thus this bread, and its long tradition, may both disappear in the near future.

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