Ebitata Bread

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Ebitata is traditional bread made from ripe lisotsi bananas mixed with cereal flour (brown or white). It was made by the Abanyole community, one of the 18 subtribes of the Luhya of Western of Western Kenya.

Ripe lisotsi bananas are mixed with sorghum or maize flour. The ratio is one to one. The mixture is then made into small disc like portions by hand and wrapped by fresh banana leaves. It is then steamed in a pot for about twenty minutes and becomes ready to serve. Dishes prepared with this variety of banana are very delicious, nutritious and healthy to the people who consume them. The ripe bananas have some preventive measures that ensure no stomach upsets occurs after eating it.

The bread is disappearing due to introduction of new banana varieties. Commercialization of other varieties (like Cavendish) has made many farmers forget to conserve this special variety.

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Indigenous community:Abanyole (Luyha)
Nominated by:Franklin Sikunyi