Burger Pretzel

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Burger Pretzel

Burger Brezel

The Burger Pretzel is a low-fat long-life bakery product made of lightly sweetened yeast dough. Currently, only two Bakeries still produce the Pretzel in the region Bergisches Land, North Rhine Westphalia. It has been made by hand since the 18 century in accordance with the traditional recipe. The dry and crisp pretzels are still popular among natives as well as tourists, especially as long-life provision while travelling. The Burger Pretzel gets hard and crunchy just a few hours after baking. Then the crust becomes golden brown and the Pretzel gets its typical biscuit-like roasted taste. Typically, the biscuits are dipped in coffee, but there are also a lot of other ways to consume the Burger Pretzel.

Image: © Stefan Abtmeyer

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