We must envision a new global food system that can ensure the continuity of sustainable economies of proximity, reinforce the connection between food producers and consumers, safeguard food markets and regenerate fair, local supply chains. keeping markets alive, creating new services to revitalize local and fair supply chains. With the awareness that the world has become irreversibly open and interconnected, we know this new system must not be based on the closure and imposition of borders. Instead, we must increase the quality of our interdependence and level of cooperation.


In order to provide a targeted response to the consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Slow Food believes it is vital to establish a fund to finance local initiatives that support local food system actors and their communities. The resources collected will be used to make contributions to projects carried out by local actors who play a fundamental role in their local communities. The fund aims to respond to their specific needs which Slow Food’s extensive grassroots network will be directly involved in identifying and prioritizing.

We believe the fund should become a permanent tool to allow the projects supported to grow, multiply and ally themselves to build systems of food production, distribution and consumption guided directly by the communities to which they belong.

Slow Food calls on the philanthropic and private sectors alike to make their contributions to the fund immediately available and is committed to deploying all the instruments necessary for its implementation. All projects funded will be characterized by strong elements of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

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If you would like to support the Fund or if you would like to apply your community to the list that the Fund supports please get in touch with international@slowfood.it