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Xigugu is a popular and tasty snack in Tsonga-Shangaan cuisine. It is unique and easy to prepare and is popular amongst Tsonga-Shangaan people, especially for special occasions and traditional gatherings. It consists of roasted corn and peanuts mixed with different spices or sweeteners, according to how it will be used.   To make xigugu, corn and peanuts are roasted until golden brown and rolled out and crushed together. This is not a difficult step, however it is time consuming. The corn and peanuts used are locally grown varieties. The finished mixture can be seasoned with salt or sugar. It can be eaten on its own as a snack between meals, or used to make cakes. It is often made seasonally, following the harvesting and drying of the corn and peanuts, usually occurring between December and February.   Older generations have fond memories of xigugu, though today fewer and fewer people still make this traditional product. It is mainly found in the northeastern parts of South Africa, in the province of Limpopo, where it can rarely be found in a few specialty hotels. Normally it is not usually sold on the market. Because of the long preparation time, the tradition of making xigugu in the home is being lost among younger generations.

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Indigenous community:Tsonga-Shangaan