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People from Lëpushë, which is a settlement in the former Kelmend municipality, traditionally believed that the physical characteristics of plants indicate their medicinal properties. The bulbs of Lillium martagon are locally known as the ‘herb of the liver,’ since the colour of the flowers resembles that of the liver. The flowers are typically pink-purple with dark spots. Each bloom has an exotic turban-like appearance because its petals curve backwards. Local citizens from Lëpushë prepare tea made from Lillum martagon to treat liver diseases and digestive difficulties. This wild plant can be found on the edges of alpine meadows. It is harvested in early to mid summer and then dried. The leaves of Lillium martagon are harvested to make infusions, which are used for domestic everyday consumption and in medicinal uses.

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Indigenous community:Kelmendi
Nominated by:Andrea Pieroni