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The area known as Gollobordë refers to a region in Albania bordering to Macedonia; there is, in fact a Macedonian minority living there.
The villages are nowadays inhabited by families of Islamic faith, while until the first half of the 20th century, the population of the Macedonian villages was mostly orthodox.
The local economy is based on small-scale agriculture and on sheep herding, involving often people who have migrated to the city, Tirana, but come back to the villages in late spring and early summer

Hoshaf is the local word for a fruit-drying technique that is used mostly to render the types of wild fruit that are too acidic or do not taste good enough to eat, edible. Hoshaf is especially prepared with wild apples (Malus sylvestris). The apples are picked, and then cut into very thin slices; these are then made into chains and hung close to the fireplace to dry.

Once dried, they can be eaten without further transformation, but also put into boiling water to re-hydrate. It is a very important food for children, because it is considered a light laxative. Hoshaf apples are eaten as a snack, especially to go with tea. It is also given to children as a light laxative.

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