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Bollos de aceite de Alhaurin El Grande

The oil bread is a typical product from Alhaurin el Grande in southern Spain. It is produced exclusively in this town, and it is one of the most significant products of the traditional confectionery of Valle del Guadalhorce. The ingredients used to prepare the oil bread are products that were historically abundant in this area. Similar to other sweets of the region, this oil bread have Arabian origins. The preparation for the rolls is simple, with a significant ratio of olive oil to bread flour and water. It is best to use cold oil and lukewarm water so that the products can mix well. This mixture is kneaded until it is elastic, and then stretched until very thin. The great secret of oil bread is that the dough must be sufficiently thin so that it can rise in the oven without breaking. Sugar is added before folding the dough lengthwise into a rectangular shape. Before being placed in the high temperature oven, the oil breads are brushed with oil and sugar on the sides that are opposite of the folded edge. When completely baked, the top of the bread will be golden brown. The preparation of oil breads requires a precise technique, so much that traditional bakeries often have one or two people that specialize in this preparation. Some bakery shops have tried to mechanize part of the process without success. The machines cannot get the dough the proper thinness needed for the oil breads. This sweet, traditional baked good from Guadlahorce continues to maintain its original nature and continues to be prepared with great care and attention. In the past, they were prepared in the winter, but now it is easy to find them in the traditional bakeries of the region year-round.
In the municipality of Alhaurin el Grande today, there are seven bakeries that still prepare the well-known oil breads.

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Production area:Alhaurin el Grande Municipality

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