Valenciana de Chulilla Hen

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Valenciana hen has white or yellow feathers, a simple big crest and yellow legs, red cheeks, large, entirely white ears and a strong, long and curved beak, black with marble colored variations. The males have bright red, long and oval wattles; while the females’ are red, small and rounded. The breast is black and poorely developed. It is a muscular bird with black plumage, metallic reflexes. In publications from the early 20th century no reference is made to the area of Los Serranos, where this breed comes from. It also mentions layer hen contests involving farms mainly from the territory of Horta de Valencia and towns near the capital city. According to the España Avícola journal (1917-1930), the National Aviculture Exhibition held in Valencia in 1917 presented the ‘Valencia white or black hen’. Valenciana de Chulilla hens are fed with the certified organic leftovers of producers’ homes and their neighbours’, as the Polytechnic of Valencia has studied a balanced feedstuff specifically designed for this type of hen and to ensure the breed reintroduction. It Lays about 165 eggs per year. The meat is not too fibrous, has a pleasant texture in the mouth and is almost totally devoid of fat. The ideal slaughter weight is about 750g.

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