Valencia Tomato

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This round, smooth fruit with a brilliant orange uniform color weighs around 8-10 oz. It is a midseason indeterminate tomato that grows well in northern and cooler climates (about 76 days). It is a family heirloom from Maine. Some say it is called “Valencia” because it looks like a Valencia orange, while others suspect it came from Valencia, Spain. It is not one of the famous heirlooms. This may be because it doesn’t have an unusual color or shape – the qualities that make other heirlooms so attractive and photographable. Yet it is hard to find and is a threatened variety.

The tomato has an excellent, full, complex tomato taste, with a great balance of acidic and sweet. It is meaty and rich with few seeds. It has been described as bursting with flavor, rich and buttery as well as pineapple-like, sweet and refreshing, like a really ripe ground cherry.

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