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Slovenian struklji is a traditional sweet, prepared by filling a dough roll with different ingredients, which can then either be fried in butter and eggs, or baked in an oven.
The roll is similar to a strudel, and after being fried or baked, is sliced and served like cookies. The first documentation of this sweet dates back to 1589, and the transcripts of the recipe talk about how to fill the dough with different ingredients, for example tarragon. It used to be consumed mainly in urban areas, but soon became common also on the countryside, where it started undergoing its first transformation towards the sweet it is now.
The ingredients, which are still used nowadays in artisan production, are characteristic for the rural and mountainous areas of Slovenia. The dough is made from buckwheat flour, eggs, seed oil and salt. All ingredients are mixed together, and the resulting dough rolled out, filled and then formed into a roll. The filling consists mainly of fruit (apples or red berries), mixed with cream cheese. After the preparation, the roll is cut into slices, which are similar to cookies.
The artisan way of production is disappearing, due to commercial strukjli produced by various companies, which have changed its ingredients and appearance: They don’t use buckwheat flour, but normal wheat flour, and it is consumed only like a strudel, and not like a cookie anymore.
It is a sweet reserved for parties and special occasions.

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