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Ají dulce

In Peru the chili pepper called dulce is grown in the geographical "Tierras bajas" area, part of the Amazonian region that includes the Ucayali and San Martin Departments. This area is characterized by favorable weather conditions, plentiful water supply and soils rich in organic material which promote good growth.
This chili pepper variety has a tapered shape, in some cases round, ranging in color from green to red or even yellow depending on how ripe it is. One feature that sets it apart from others is that it is not hot, it has a sweet taste with an aroma similar to bell peppers.
It is mainly used fresh to make salads and salsas, roasted or added to flavor some traditional dishes, such as “guisos de frijol” (a bean stew) or “chupes de majaz” (a stew based on Picuro, a rodent).
The sweet chili pepper production area has been threatened in recent years by uncontrolled deforestation to obtain wood or space for single crop farming like corn or palms, for palm oil, this has resulted in a risk for diversified agricultural production, including that of the sweet chili pepper.

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