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Susuompangtteok is a disappearing local dish in the Gyeonggi Province and refers to steamed rice cake or “tteok” made from local sorghum or bean flour. Also known as “susudogani” or “susubeonggeoji,” it is made from the first harvest of sorghum, which ripens first among grains.

The sorghum is soaked in water for about five hours before being crushed, and the beans are prepared by boiling them in water. Glutinous rice is soaked in water and added to the sorghum powder in a ratio of 1:2. The mixture is then kneaded and formed into round, flat shapes. The dough is placed in a steamer lined with a hemp cloth over which a layer of boiled beans is spread. Any type of bean may be used but kidney beans are used most of the time. The dough is covered with the cloth and steamed for twenty minutes before being flipped over. It is served cool.

Susuompantteok is not sold commercially, but still made in homes for personal use. It is a traditional local dish that used to be enjoyed by common people, but it is now disappearing as agricultural societies become industrialized.

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Nominated by:Kim Hoe Suk - Korean Society of Food Culture