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Starozhelezarska sharena sol

One of the everyday, unpretentious, but essential elements in the food of the people of Staro Jelezare is sharena sol (colorful salt) – a pungent mixture of local herbs with salt.

The herb savory, as well as fennel and cumin, sweet and chili pepper and mint are cultivated in the local gardens specifically for the preparation of this spice. The dry herbs, fennel and cumin seeds once were mixed and smashed in a large wooden mortar (kuttel), while today electric grinders are used.

Every house has its own recipe, according to the family’s taste preferences. The peculiarity of the taste of sharena salt from Staro Zhelezare comes from the fennel seeds and the herb savory. Sharena salt can be sweet or hot. The spice is used for seasoning almost every food. It goes well with baked meats, like kebabs and steaks, as well as potatoes, cooked eggs, and on warm bread.

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Production area:Staro Jelezare city

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