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The södertäljekringlor, or Södertälje pretzel, is a bread from the Swedish city of Södertälje, near Stockholm.

Made by hand since the 18th century, the traditional recipe requires forming the dough (made from flour, egg, butter, milk, sugar, and yeast) into a ring shape with two knotted ends. Södertäljekringlor was typicially sold in train stations by women known as kringelgummor, “women who sell kringel.” Between 1800 and 1930, Södertälje’s busy central station was a common destination for Swedish travelers, who would stop in the city to enjoy södertäljekringlor. The pretzel is traditionally eaten with a cup of milk or coffee.

Today, the city of Södertälje is known by the nickname kringelstade, the city of the pretzel. A gold södertäljekringlor decorates the city’s coat of arms. Despite södertäljekringlor’s long tradition in Södertälje, there are only two bakeries that still produce this trraditional pretzel.

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Södermanlands län

Stockholms län

Production area:Södertälje

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