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Blave di Soclêf

The production area of this corn variety is located around Socchieve, a municipality in high Val Tagliamento. Socchievina corn is a multicolour corn variety: the colour of the kernel may range from yellow to red, they are elongated and with a semi vitrous- dentate rift. The cob of the corn is red. Corncobs can be up to 25 cm long and may have 12-14 kernel rows. The stalk is cone-shaped and the plant is 260 cm tall, on average. The fields are sown in May while harvest takes place after 120 days, towards August then. The socchievina crops alternates with others, pre-preparing the soil, such as clover, soy, wheat and peas. The socchievina corn is stone ground and since the spinning and sifting processes are so slow, the resulting flour tends to have a strong taste. In the kitchen, it is especially used to make polenta, the dish that best represents farming life in Friuli.

The first hybrid seeds were introduced in the 1950’s and started replacing the ancient wheat types, thus generating a monoculture, to the detriment of a local agriculture that was particular heterogeneous. There is just one farmer growing socchievina corn today, and he selects and self-generates his own seeds. The current growing area for this corn variety is located close to Socchieve, a municipality that is in the high Val Tagliamento.

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