Rosquetes del viento

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Tortillas de viento, roscon

The wind donut is a crunchy sweet typical in Quito. It is made at home with wheat flour, but can also be found in traditional bars.
The dough, made only with flour and water, is baked in the oven and then dusted with sugar. The sweet is one of the oldest products of Andean cuisine, and has been present in local culture since the introduction of wheat. There is a similar preparation in the region of Loja, but the recipe of Quito probably comes from the Conocoto area, in the province of Pinchincha, which is the last stage of the route travelers between Guayaquil and Quito had to take. Some historic sources show that during the colonial times and at the beginning of the era of the Republic of Conocoto these tortilla-like sweets were already consumed.

This information was processed from the publication «Atlas del Patrimonio Alimentario de la Provincia de Pichincha», by Javier Carrera, Claudia Garcia and Catalina Unigarro, from June 2014, promoted by the Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio del Ecuador, by Valeria Merlo.

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Production area:Quito

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Nominated by:Javier Carrera Claudia García,Catalina Unigarro, Valeria Merlo