Rivello Soperzata

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Rivello is a small medieval town in the surroundings of Lagonegro, in the province of Potenza. Here an excellent soppressata (or better, soperzata) has been produced for at least three hundred years – the earliest written documents dating back to 1719 – distinguished for its quality and production techniques from many similar southern Italian sausages. Nowadays its production is very limited and strictly done by artisans and families.The cuts used are first-choice pork cuts (fillet and thighs) from strictly naturally fed pigs. The meat, finely minced with the point of a knife, is additioned with a small percentage off at; the mix is then seasoned with salt and black pepper in grains. It is stuffed in pork’s intestines and pressed for about 24 hours. Ageing lasts about three months, after those it is better to preserve soperzata in oil, in earthen pots away from heat sources.The aged product weigghts between 100 and 300 g; it is bright red when cut, with thin, rare fat dots. Its aroma is fragrant and slightly spicy, its taste sweet and dellicate. In order to taste it at its best, it should be thinly sliced.

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Production area:Rivello Municipality (Potenza province)

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