Regang Banana

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Pisang regang, called cau regang in the local dialect, is a banana variety that has a unique, rounded shape that is pointed at the tips. Fruits are yellow in color and small in size, usually 7-15 cm long and 20-25 mm in diameter. They have a delicious, sweet taste, with a pleasant aroma and smooth texture. Fruits are highly seasonal and can be harvested just once per year. It is usually harvested in the month of Muharrom in the Islamic calendar.   Regang bananas are eaten fresh, and are a food used for special festivities, including the local traditional ceremony of Hajatan and holidays. It is said to be the sign of a bad harvest if regang bananas are not served during the Sareng Taun ceremony, in which the goal is to show the great diversity of varieties harvested. This type of banana is often served to guests in the home. It is found in Indonesia in West Java Province in multiple villages in the district of Bogor. Regang bananas are harvested for local consumption, and not sold commercially, and they are found in very limited quantities.   Many people among younger generations are unfamiliar with regang bananas, both as consumers and producers. Because they require attention during their cultivation, but are not sold commercially, few people cultivate them. Because they are relatively rare, as their availability decreases, they are less commonly used in the festivities in which they once played a crucial role.

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