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الجمل الأحمر

Probably, the Arabian Peninsula is one of the main areas where the camel dromedary was domesticated between 5000 and 6000 years ago. Furthermore, there is a huge variety of camel dromedary breeds, making this area one of the most important in terms of animal biodiversity. There are about a dozen breeds that differ mainly in the color of their coat.

The red camel – known by its Arabic name of hamrah or homor – is mainly a medium-sized dairy breed. It is characterized by its distinctive brown coat color. The forehead is slightly marked in males and the ears are pointed and not too hairy.

It is an animal bred mainly for milk, but its meat is also used and is usually served with rice. Being a very important animal for the local population, its meat is consumed on important occasions such as the arrival of a guest, weddings, or other festive occasions.

This breed is distributed in a limited number of specimens found mainly in the northern part of Saudi Arabia, such as in Ha’il Region. In recent years, efforts have been made to promote this breed through targeted actions by the Saudi Camel Club.

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