Plymouth Rock chicken

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This is a quintessential American breed developed in the mid-19th century. It is a dual purpose chicken with yellow skin and eggs of varying shade of brown. Hardy, docile, broody and excellent producer of both meat and eggs, it has been described in The People’s Farm & Stock Cyclopedia (1885) as “the best general utility breed – active, hardy, year-round egg layers, good sitters, good mothers.” There are no rules on naming breeds of fowl in the U.S., but most breeds are named for location of origin. The Plymouth Rock was probably developed in Massachusetts, ans Until World War II no breed of chicken was ever kept as extensively in the U.S. as the Plymouth Rock. At the moment there are over 5,000 breeding birds. The ALBC classifies the Plymouth Rock in the “recovering” category and emphasizes that the bird is still in need of continuing support, promotion and conservation.

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