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Typically found in temperate climates and mountain forests, Nurité (Satureja macrostema Bentn) is a bush that grows up to three meters tall. It has long, serrated and pointed leaves that are dark green on the outside and light green on the inside. The flowers, a yellow-pink color, grow in groups of three and have protruding stamens.

The plant grows year-round, but blooms between November and February. In traditional medicine it is mainly used to alleviate rheumatism and stomach problems, while also helping to calm menstrual pain, while in the house it is useful as a perfume, especially during ritual celebrations and important occasions.

The preparation is easy: the leaves (either fresh or dried) are left to steep in boiling water for at least three minutes. Usually this tea is sweetened with honey or sugar and then drunk before every meal in order to help with digestion, or in the morning as a stimulating drink.

Today it is found only locally, gathered by the women of the communities. In the markets of the central Valleys of Oaxaca it is also traded for other products.

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Indigenous community:Purépecha
Nominated by:Susan Ellen Trilling, Susana Iturbe Ulibarri