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Muškat Momjanski

Momjan, or Momiano in Italian, is a small town in the Istrian hills, not far from the Slovenian border.
This area enjoys a pleasant micro-climate that favours growing products like olives, fruit, vegetables and especially grapes. The Istrian hills are in fact known as the Muscat Empire.

Momjan muscat (Muškat Momjanski) is a local variety of muscat grapes; given its proximity to and strong influences that existed up to recent times, it is said that it was the Italians who brought the grape here around 1200. Thanks to the favourable climate, this grape has adapted to Istrian lands, thus creating a variety and a wine that is unlike the others. Monjan muscat grapes are large and green, becoming yellow once they ripen. They are round and a little flattened; their skin is quite thick. They start sprouting around the end of March and flower in early summer. They are hand picked starting at the end of August, beginning of September. The wine they produce is sweet and very dry, straw yellowish in colour and aromatic.

Momjan muscat is often offered at the beginning of a meal, paired with cheeses and local cured meats. At meal’s end, biscuits or dry cakes are also dipped in it.

Since the variety needs considerable care and is not very resistant to disease, it has been abandoned over the years in favour of more resistant, often international varieties. Moreover, the few producers left sell directly to local consumers or tourists.

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