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Isırganlı Erişte

The Aegean region is situated in western Turkey and it took its name from its bordering sea. The inhabitants of this region use mostly nettle to prepare tea, however women from the ancient city of Milas make a kind of pasta from it. The traditional homemade nettle pasta is called Isırganlı Erişte.

The nettles are harvested, washed well and later chopped and cooked for five minutes. After that, the yellow wheat flour from Aegean region is mixed with cooked nettles until a moist pasta dough is made. For each kilogram of flour they use two eggs and a little bit of nettle water (boiled). When the dough is ready, with the help of the dough roller, the women make thin dough layers and then cut them into approximately 3mm. x 3cm. pieces. Finally, the cut pieces are left for about five days in order to dry. Prepared pasta is added to boiling water with salt and a tablespoon of olive oil for about 8-10 minutes.

The tradition of Isırganlı Erişte preparation is passed down from generation to generation. Until now, women from Milas town make it mainly for home consumption.
The Isırganlı Erişte is served with butter or olive oil. Sometimes the nettle souce is added (chopped and roasted nettles with olive oil).

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