Liquid Honey from Stingless Bees

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Asali Ya Nyuki Wadogo

Liquid honey (called nyori) is produced in Tanzania by stingless bees. This honey has a sweet and sour taste preferred by local communities as a strong appetizer and medicine, compared to other types of honey. Usually, liquid honey is mixed in hot milk or already cooked maize or millet flour porridge and consumed to treat respiratory system diseases and menstrual period pain.

Sixty years ago, this liquid honey used to be harvested in large quantities from hives found in dried logs, natural pits in the ground, in bushes and trees; but due to environmental degradation caused by land cultivation and construction, currently honey is harvested by few people from beehives created in logs and wooden boxes on homesteads. The liquid honey is still produced by few people in villages along the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro and Meru Mountains in Kilimanjaro region and Arumeru district in northeastern Tanzania.

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