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Liha is a local drink brewed from corn produced in Fesi in the Kpando Municipality of southeastern Ghana. To make it, corn is washed and soaked overnight in water. It is then kept in a jute sack for about a week to germinate. The sprouted corn is then dried in the sun for five days. Once dry, it is pounded in a mortar into a fine powder. The crushed corn is mixed with water and cooked over an open fire. Carmelized sugar is added, and the mixture is boiled. It is considered ready once it is brown in color and has a sweet scent. Once removed from the flame, it is left to ferment for four days until it reaches the desired flavor, with the addition of sugar to taste. It is served chilled or at room temperature, especially during festive seasons. Liha is at risk of disappearing, however, due to the time consuming preparation and the importation of cheap fizzy drinks.

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