Kouttee Tea

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Kouttee is a product unique to eastern parts of Ethiopia, mainly the Oromiya and Harari regions, where the leaves of coffee plants are used to make a sort of hot tea. Preparation is simple, but must be done with yellowed leaves that have naturally fallen from the coffee tree. Farmers collect the leaves and leave them in the sun to dry for several days. Once try, it is ground into a powder. This powder is added to hot water to make tea that is then seasoned with salt. The drink is light green or yellow in color and is served in teacups or locally made traditional cups. Kouttee is generally consumed in the mornings at breakfast and as a stimulant throughout the day.   While kouttee is made both for personal consumption and for sale in markets or informally (though quantity and quality is highly variable), it is mainly consumed in the home. It is not sold in commercial shops or supermarkets. It is widely consumed in the towns of Harar, Dirre Dhawa, Yirna, Chalanko, Gelemso and rural areas. However, because it is not sold commercially and there is currently no consistency in the supply or its quality, many people have begun to drink commercially processed and sold teas instead, especially people in urban areas, who are losing the tradition of drinking kouttee as part of their everyday diet. 

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Production area:Eastern Oromiya and Harari region

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Tea and infusions

Indigenous community:Oromo and Harari
Nominated by:Nagaa Tesfaye