Korabi Potato Leaves

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The region of Gollobordo is located in eastern Albania and borders the Republic of Macedonia. It is inhabited by Macedonians and a minority of Albanians. Despite the fact that the two communities have been sharing the same religion and the same environmental space for many decades, their traditional food consumption is different. Perhaps it is due to the geographical and cultural isolation of the area, especially with regards to the Macedonian community.

One of the uncommon local products linked to the area arount Mount Korab, in Gallobordo, is potato leaves. They are consumed among the Macedonians living in the highest villages of Gollobordo, while among Albanians they are no longer consumed. The young leaves are gathered and then boiled in water before being used as a pie filling. Potato leaves are used for sarma (leaves rolled around a minced meat and rice filling) and as filling for white corn-flour based pies (laknur or byrek in Albanian, komat in Macedonian) in June. The pie made with potato leaves is appreciated due to its bitter taste.

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