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Mangga Kopyor

The kopyor mango tree (Mangifera laurina) is a large tree that can reach a height of 50 meters. The kopyor mango fruit has an oval shape with bright yellow pulp color. It contains more juice than any other local mango in Indonesia, and has a high fiber content as well. Kopyor mangoes are usually used for juice, although the pulp is also edible, with strong sweet and acidic flavors. When it is ripe, the skin will be a light yellowish-green color. However, it is unique compared to other local mango varieties in that it is preferred for its juice.   Local people have particular way of consuming the kopyor mango, by gently scrubbing the fruit several times with their hands, then making an incision on the top of the fruit and sucking out the juice, leaving the pulp behind. They are greatly enjoyed especially by young children.   Historically, the Dutch brought several seeds of mango species to Java Island from India in 1941. Cukur Gondang village in Grati, Pasuruan, East Java was found to have the ideal climate (with low humidity and minimal rainfall) to grow and research the trees. After 1949, when the Dutch recognized Indonesian independence, the gardens and research institutes were taken over by the Indonesian government. The experimental mango garden in Cukur Gondang is now run by the Agricultural Ministry Department for Tropical Fruits Research.   Today, kopyor mango trees are found mainly grown by hobbyists, as the variety is not considered economically advantageous. Many mango growers in East Java cultivate hybrid commercial varieties instead of heirloom varieties like the kopyor. Consumption is limited to the local population, and the mangos are not sold commercially. There have been limited resources dedicated to studying the culinary and market potential of this variety. Variable yields and issues related to climate change mean that without dedicated attention, the kopyor mango variety may disappear for good.

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