Karachay Horse Breed

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Karachay Horse Breed

Карачаевская порода лошадей

Karachay-Cherkessia is a Russian republic extending mostly along the northwestern side of the Great Caucasus. Covered in woods and forests, it is seeking to develop agriculture and farming including the breeding of the native Karachay horse breed.
The Karachays are an ethnic group of Turkic origin, they raise a particular breed of horse suited to high altitude environments: the Karachay horse were led to mountains pasture in summer, with rugged terrain and sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and in the winter they went back to the foothills and plains, and hence have a good mobility and are particularly resistant to long journeys in difficult terrains, bitter cold and fierce heat. The horses’ body is thus strong with strong and adapted limbs to climbing mountains. The mane and tail are long and thick. Karachay horses have a long head, curved nose and well-developed whiskers; they have a medium long, well muscled neck, straight shoulders and low withers.

The Karachay horse is an important mountain breed and the horses have survived a very long time, until when their numbers declined in 19th century. Due to the deportation of the Karachay people to Central Asia between 1943 and 1957, the horse breed reduced its numbers.
However, nowadays local people still raise pure Karachay horses and they are valued for their meat, with which can be produced for example the Kyma (a sausage), but also for the mare’s milk with which kumiss is made .

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