Kamatis Tagalog

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Typical of the Philippines, the kamatis tagalog is a particular variety of tomato with a flat shape and a rigged surface. The skin is thick and glossy, with a light red color. It is very resistant to the lack of water and to high temperatures, where it grows luxuriantly.

It is a rather old variety and it is mainly grown by the indigenous community of the Tagalog, where its name comes from. The Tagalog live in Manila, in the Marinduque province, in southern Luzon, and in some villages of central Luzon, in the islands of Mindoro, Palawan and Romblon. It can also be found in the rural areas of Mindanao, where it is known as kalisanon, which means ""wild"" in the local language.

It is now at risk of extinction because of the spread of more performing hybrid varieties and can only be found in private gardens or at some local producers who still use it to make condiments or sauces.

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