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Jardun is an artisanal dairy product prepared in the alps of Kelmend, in northern Albania. It is prepared using the last milk from sheep after lambing, specifically the milk produced between the 20th of July and the 20th of August because this milk contains more fat and is better suited to giving a creamy quality to the jardun. After milking, the raw milk must be warmed up and constantly stirred with a bit of salt for almost 20 minutes, stopping it as soon as the milk is on the verge of boiling or when it starts to thicken. It is possible to eat once it has cooled. Jardun is not conserved for more than one day and should consumed as soon as it is prepared. The white color and its consistency make it look similar to regualr milk, though it is thicker and denser, although it is not yogurt.Jardun reflects the typical usage of sheep milk in the region of Kelmend, where it is very famous and appreciated for the peculiar taste it gives to jardun and yogurts. Since jardun is a product that cannot be preserved, the quantity produced per each family for home consumption is very low and linked with the number of family members and number of sheep available for milking. Jardun risks being lost because in recent years the number of sheep in Kelmend has drastically diminished, due to the massive emigration of the local population and the fact that the remaining population is aging.

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