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Cebollita de Ixil

In the town of Ixil, Yucatan, the production of onions is an identifying feauture of the local cuisine, but iis on the verge of disappearing. There are only five families who still cultivate Ixil onions, and save and exchange the seeds.

The Ixil onion is relatively small, and purple in color. It is planted in September and October, once the rainy season has ended, and harvest takes place the following spring. Ixil onions are sweet and suited for use in many traditional Yucatan dishes, including mondongo (stewed beef tripe) and other meat stews. It is also cooked with eggs or grains, and used in salads and frijos colado (a spicy black bean sauce).

Only older people continue to grow Ixil onions, while younger people prefer to work in factories or move to other parts of the country.

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Production area:Ixil

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Indigenous community:Maya
Nominated by:Ximena Poblano Gutierrez