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Inima de bou was once the most widespread tomato variety in the Saxon villages of Transylvania. This variety tends to be irregular in shape, light red in color and bursting with flavor—ideal for processing/preserving for winter. They vary in size tremendously but if grown carefully they can grow up to 1.5kg each.

They have been increasingly disappearing in Romania, being replaced by tasteless modern varieties.
Young people are no longer interested in saving seed from one year to the next, instead finding it easier to buy packets of seed from the supermarkets or indeed potted seedlings from garden centres.
Inima de bou tomatoes can still be found in limited quantities, which is why Slow Food Tarnava Mara is currently working with a local farm to replicate the few remaining seeds and distribute them to local households.

They are excellent in salads, preserves, tomato sauce and chutney, soups and for zacusca (traditional Romanian vegetable sauce).

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Production area:Saschiz commune, Mureș district

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