Hart’s Tongue Fern

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Bar mushknisë

The Kelmend region is located in northern Albania between the mountain peaks of Malësi e Madhe. Local citizens use the leaves of bar mushknisë, the hart’s tongue fern (Phyllitis scolopendrium), to prepare tea. Just outside the neighbourhood its use is completely unknown. Bar mushknisë is locally called “the herb of the lungs.” Its leaves are thought to be useful in treating all respiratory and lung afflictions since the shape of lower leaf lamina resembles a human lung. The plant is unusual since it is a type of fern with simple, undivided fronds. Its colour depends on exposure to light: The plant’s color in full sun is yellow while those in shade are green. Locals harvests the fresh leaves of hart’s tongue fern in summer to prepare an everyday tea.

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Indigenous community:Kelmendi
Nominated by:Andrea Pieroni