Hanklich Cake

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Hanklich cake is part of the Saxon portfolio of cakes and desserts prepared in multi-ethnic communities. In the past it was prepared for wedding parties, and the custom is still preserved in the villages around Sighisoara and Medias in southern Transylvania.   Several versions of the recipe exist. The specificity of this cake is the upper layer, rich in egg yolks and sweetened milk cream. The base is prepared from a dough of flour, sugar, yeast, eggs, sugar, butter and milk. The dough and cream are then spread in layers. The large number of yolks and the high quantity of animal fats needed for its preparation make it a product considered to be best suited for festivities. Its preparation is typically associated with breadmaking, as it is often prepared together with other breads in order to make the most usage of cooking wood. Hanklich cake is under threat of disappearance as the Saxon communities in the area have diminished drastically in the last decades. The traditional preparation is also much more rare, considering that it was typically prepared when the clay or brick oven was loaded with wood for breadmaking sessions, an occurance that is also diminishing.

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Production area:Saxon villages

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