Guardiagrele Torrone

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Lu Turrion

This dessert, very similar to brittle and traditionally made in the town of Guardiagrele, consists of whole roasted almonds, sugar, candied fruit and a touch of cinnamon. The whole process to make Guardiagrele torrone starts with almonds being roasted in a copper bowl – sugar is also added and the roasting process comes to an end when the latter turns liquid. Then cinnamon, candied fruit, are then added, to finally stir everything with care. The resulting dough is caramelized in boiling sugar and finally strechted out on a marble surface and then left to cool down for at least 24 hours. After that, the torrone is chopped into long and narrow rectangles, and then wrapped around with paper by hand. The historical Guardiagrele’s pastry shops still use a three colour (green, white and red, just like the Italian flag) paper for the packaging.

This dessert was prepared for great occasions, especially for Christmas time; it traditionally matches with liqueur wine. Back in the days, Guardiagrele torrone was well-known even outside Abruzzo and, apparently, writer Ignazio Silone was particularly gluttonous for it. There is a very limited production now and this torrone is very hard to find, if not in some pastry shops in Guardiagrele.

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Production area:Guardiagrele Municipality (Chieti province)

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Cakes, pastries and sweets

Nominated by:Francesco Ricci