Frattura White Bean

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White beans are grown in both the old and new parts of the town of Frattura, in the central region of Abruzzo. It is most often used in dishes of pasta with beans and salads with beans. The town of Fraturra was rebuilt from scratch in 1941 after an earthquake in Marsica in 1915 that completely destroyed the old part of the town. The town was evacuated from the structures built in the valley, and in New Frattura, inhabitants used their old homes as farms and gardens. In addition, some gardens were also build in New Frattura. The Frattura White bean seems to be the joining link between the old settlement and the new construction. The seeding, care of the gardens, harvest, threshing and cleaning of the beans are all done by hand, by both men and women.   There is a festival connected to the beans called the Pupazza, which takes place the first Sunday of October, after which all the Patron Saints’ festivities conclude. A large paper doll is constructed from the reeds that support the Frattura White beans in the gardens. A man wears the puppet and dances for the town as a sign of good luck and to ward off harm.   These beans are grown just for home consumption in the area, and are grown only in Frattura at 1260 meters above sea level. They do not grow elsewhere, despite attempts in surrounding areas. Today, the number of producers is between 20 and 30, and they are finding it difficult to pass this production tradition on to their children.  

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