Ordos Yellow Millet Wine

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Ordos Yellow Millet Wine


Yellow millet is a kind of specific cereal growing at the Loess Plateau in northwestern China. As it is cold in winter in northern China, people produce a kind of rice wine with yellow millet to drink warm. This drink has a sweet and sour taste coming from the natural fermentation process. In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, yellow wine is frequently used for soaking, cooking and steaming various medicinal materials for improving their effects, and it is believed that yellow wine is the earliest type of blended wine in China. However, the process of making yellow wine is complicated and there are fewer and fewer people who continue this craft. In addition, migration from rural environments where the ingredients grow to urban areas mean than fewer people still produce yellow millet wine.

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Inner Mongolia


Production area:Kangbashi of Ordos City

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Nominated by:Bai Yonghong