Else Lindstow Apple

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Else Lindstow is an ancient Danish apple variety, almost unknown these days; it has very low diffusion and is practically not cultivated anymore. This apple usually grows in small gardens that are not adapted to espalier cultivation.

Further confirming this lack of popularity, a few examples of this variety can be found in the Danish Agricultural Museum (Dansk Landbrugs Museum Gl. Estrup) in the small town of Auning, in Western Central Denmark.

This museum has a didactic organic apple orchard, in which Else Lindstow apples, among other varieties, can be found, and also bought by visitors.

This variety is highly precocious, reaching maturity from late June.
The fruits generally have a short shelf-life and should be consumed within a few days/weeks of the harvest.

The peel is yellow and the pulp white. The fruits are medium-large sized and are great table apples, to be consumed fresh or cooked.

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