Dried Venison Sausage

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Jelenia sušená klobása

Dried venison sausage is a spicy sausage made with finely ground beef and venison. To finish the preparation, it is delicately smoked with beech wood smoke; and thanks to this special smoking process, it is preserved for a very long time. The ingredients used are venison, beef, salt, natural spices, dried juniper berries and chilli. Venison is not easy to find, as hunting requires special permits and a subsequent veterinary inspection to confirm the health of the meat. Wild venison is found mainly in the central mountains of the Slovak Carpathians, where it has been enjoyed on royal tables since ancient times. In each individual Slovak region, sausages are prepared according to local family recipes. In these mountain areas, cold smoking on hard beech wood is an ancient tradition, as venison is dry and low in fat and is mixed with fatty beef and pork to obtain a tastier product. This cured meat is mainly produced in the villages of Hranovnica and Telgárt, which are in the Slovak part of the Carpathians on the border of two national parks, the Low Tatras National Park and the Slovak Paradise National Park, which are rich in wildlife. Dried venison sausage is eaten cold with bread and seasoned with mustard. If the sausage is excessively dry, it can always be eaten cooked together with sauerkraut, dried mushrooms and prunes. This product can only be found in mountain areas, and each family adds the details they prefer to the original recipe. There is a risk that with the next generations this artisanal product, the result of the knowledge and know-how of the communities of these mountains, may disappear.

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StateSlovak Republic

Prešovský kraj

Production area:Hranovnica and Telgárt villages,Slovak Carpathians

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