Cornelian Cherry Vinegar

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The tradition of preparing homemade vinegars leaving ripe fruits of Cornelian cherry trees (Cornus mas) to ferment in water for at least 30–40 days, is still remarkably alive in North Albania. The locals attribute strong health properties to this product. A small glass of homemade vinegar, with the addition of sugar, is often drunk in fact as a preventive “healthy” beverage. However, the pervasive trend of using industrial vinegars, largely available on commercial markets, seriously endanger the transmission of the culinary knowledge concerning the homemade production of this traditional vinegar.
The Cornelian cherry vinegar is used as an everyday beverage. It is also used as cooking ingredient and for salad dressings. In addition, local citizens drink Cornelian cherry vinegar for stomachache. In the morning, it is drunk with honey or sherbet (water with sugar).

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Production area:Korab Mountain

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